What is carbon captured paper?

What is carbon captured paper?

SD Studios, Print, Paper & the Environment - Planting trees to catch carbon.

The print and paper industry, unlike the widely held belief that they’re not, are amongst the most sustainable industries in the UK, and Europe. They are accountable for 1% of all carbon emissions. This is proportionally small, but not insignificant, and therefore SD Studios - Design & Digital support the carbon capture programme in all our Be Kind Cards® products.

The paper industry depends on sustainable forest management who provide a reliable supply of wood fibre for all paper based products. ~90% of the wood fibre used within UK paper mills, are sourced locally from European forestry. ~46% of this new wood-pulp is then combined with ~54% paper for recycling.

Our paper comes from an approved English supplier of carbon captured paper, certified number 21029900718. Essentially this means the carbon emissions generated in the paper making process are measured and converted to a monetary value. This value is then donated to the Woodland Trust. The money funds the planting of new, native, UK woodland, which in turns functions as a carbon sink, capturing the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions.

Our ambition is to continue to support similar programmes, and be as sustainable as possible. We will continue to communicate our ongoing improvements with you all.

Planting trees to catch carbon

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