Jilly Jilly directing our new shop photoshoot

Jilly Jilly directing our new shop photoshoot

Jilly Noble runs Dundee-based visual communications studio JillyJilly. After graduating from Gray’s School of Art in 2014 she launched a product line and ran an online shop, learning the ins-and-outs of running a business and better understanding the needs and challenges of being a creative business owner. Over time she discovered how much she loved using photography and branding to tell stories and connect with customers, and during lockdown made the switch to fully focussing on helping others with their own companies. She now works with businesses across the UK on creating considered and vibrant brand aesthetics, photography and illustration.

When Stacey got in touch looking for lifestyle images for SD Studios online shop and socials, I could already visualise the perfect scene styling for the shoot. We discussed the differing themes of the product ranges and how to add a thread of cohesiveness so the images would all be recognisably SD Studios. 

One of my favourite parts of a shoot is when my client has approved the moodboard so I can have a good rummage for props! I chose lots of stationery for layering and zoning in this shoot. I then added homely props like the candle, foliage and pretty matches - exactly how I myself would set up for an evening of self care, with some journalling and Be Kind cards!

Stacey has sent me such kind feedback after the shoot and I can’t wait to work with SD Studios products again in the future.

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