Simple props for autumn styling by Jilly Jilly

Simple props for autumn styling by Jilly Jilly

Simple props for Autumn styling by Jill Noble at Jilly Jilly Studios

Autumn is my favourite season so when SD Studios sent me the brief for their new autumn quote cards photoshoot I was delighted.

I wanted to incorporate plenty elements from our previous shoots to keep the styling cohesive but with some beautiful orange tones and natural finds added - dried foliage, pine cones and acorns. For extra cosiness I chose a cup of tea in a rustic white pumpkin mug, and amber glass candle jar.

There’s a balance when it comes to autumn styling where you don’t want to make it too halloween themed, which is why a wicker pumpkin is a lovely textural addition.

List of Autumnal Props:

Nature finds: Pine cones, conkers, acorns & leaves

Cosy fabrics: warm linens, chunky knits, scarves etc

Dried flowers: neutrals in a mix of textures

Wooden trays or other natural textured items like log slices for layering

Metallic accents, especially copper. Small objects which add warmth

Tea, books & candles: homely objects which set the scene

Backdrops featured are from @blackvelvetstyling

Together, these props set the scene for these gorgeous Autumn Quote Cards

Take a peek at Jilly Jilly's website here

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