Founding The Takeover Game® Company - Exclusive Board Games & Card Games

Founding The Takeover Game® Company - Exclusive Board Games & Card Games

The Takeover Game Company invent and distribute exclusive games throughout the UK. Stacey Darlington, with her business partner, founded the board & card game start-up in the Prince of Wales Pub, Embankment, London 2014.

This venture all started one 2014 October evening when four friends were invited to a dinner party. They were completely unaware they were about to be cajoled into becoming the first ever players of a new family board game. With a handmade game, from sugar paper, the night confirmed two crucial facts; the game was highly addictive and fun to play! Outcome – Success! Five months and over one hundred road tests later two Londoners finally brought The Takeover Game to life in their spare time launching 2nd November 2016 in the City of London. Their portfolio of unique games has now grown to include the best selling The Fake News Card Game.

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Featured collection

The Takeover Board Game®

The object of the game is to earn as much money as possible and eliminate other players through hostile takeovers. Earning money is easy; build an investment portfolio by purchasing assets from Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, then sell the portfolio back to the stock exchange for a huge commission. But be careful, holding assets can be risky. Accumulating too much debt, market movements and trading between players can quickly turn predators into prey. But that’s business.

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The Fake News Card Game®

This is the original Fake News Card Game. Can you tell the difference between fake news and an actual news story? Can you convince your friends that lies could be real? Well this then is the game for you! This is a fast, funny, and at times, fake, card game that asks individuals or teams of players to argue between what’s a real or fake news story. A fantastic parlour game that makes you thinks – especially if you like current affairs!

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    "Experience a modicum of the high finance world with a game that is so far removed from anything previous, you know, property based – This is entirely more cut-throat. The aim is to get rich, richer than all other players, eliminate them, have no shame, try to remember post-play to leave your new fond inner Gordon Gekko at the table. So it's all about buying assets and selling them on at profits, that is the simple part, they’ve built various elements into this play making it risky to hold onto assets for too long – Liquidate, speculate, keep your nerve and bag the biggest riches." The Telegraph


    "Hailed as the Monopoly for grown-ups, anyone over the age of eight can have a blast with this. You earn money as you make your way around the board and keep hold of your assets, which can be especially tricky when other players are out to get you." Amazon UK


    "For those of you setting your sights on success in the City this year, you might be able to fit in some useful practice at home. Forget using the weekend as downtime: board game aficionados can instead hone their money making skills and ‘become the master of the financial universe’ with the TAKEOVER game. Practice makes perfect, after all."CITY A.M.


    "Fake news stories are usually widely shared on social media, Facebook possibly being the most popular. For those who see ‘fake news stories’ don’t know they aren’t real and are likely to believe them unaware that they are being misled. This new game brings to light these stories in a fun way." Gifts4You

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